HowSafeIsMyTrip¬†is a new concept in travel security from Lewis Sage-Passant, a former British Army Intelligence officer and corporate security and crisis manager for the Oil & Gas and Investment Banking industries. Lewis first became interested in the concept of security driven by threat intelligence on a tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, embedded with a British Army Infantry unit. On his return to civilian life, Lewis took a role in the Middle East with a leading UK Oil & Gas company, where he spent several years working in threat intelligence,¬†security risk management and other elements of corporate security. Following this, Lewis moved to the Asia-Pacific region, where he managed Goldman Sachs’ corporate security Crisis Management Center, gaining valuable experience in handling security and travel-related emergencies. It was here where Lewis began to wonder why only large corporations were able to benefit from travel security management, and after gathering several of his corporate security industry colleagues, HowSafeIsMyTrip was born, bringing corporate-level travel security to vacation, academic and business travellers.

HowSafeIsMyTrip in the Media

Lewis and the HowSafeIsMyTrip team regularly conduct media briefings on a wide range of travel security topics. If you would like to speak to us on any relevant topic, please get in touch.

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