Staying Safe on a Gap Year

Gap years and sabbaticals are one of life’s most amazing and rewarding travel experiences, and the changing global security environment shouldn’t spoil a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world. In this article, the HowSafeIsMyTrip team examine how you can stay safe on your big adventure, and how to avoid scams, crimes and threats that could ruin your trip.

Checking the safety of your travel plans

Worrying allegations have emerged in recent days accusing the popular travel information website TripAdvisor of deleting information relating to rape and assaults at various destinations from its forums, which the company claims was an effort to keep the site “family friendly”. This incident highlights a disturbing trend in the global travel industry of downplaying safety and security risks in the face of real dangers to travellers. Similar controversies have hit the industry previously, such as the lawsuit against British travel operator TUI over claims of negligence surrounding the 2015 Sousse terror attack in Tunisia. In this article, the HowSafeIsMyTrip team examine how travellers can find their own information about the safety of their destination in the face of possible reluctance from their tour operator, forums and even local contacts.

Keeping your employees safe on business travel

International travel is an integral part of doing business in an interconnected world, however increasing global volatility has introduced new security and liability risks to businesses who send staff overseas. Without appropriate risk and security management, companies can find themselves extremely vulnerable to both dangers to staff, and even litigation in cases where the traveller was not provided with the correct level of support.