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Alison & Keith E, United Kingdom – “Our son, the adventurer, is going on his gap year next month. To make sure that he is street smart about the risks we bought him a tailored report and a phone chat about the countries he is going to. We feel much more relaxed about the whole thing now.”

Caroline C, United Kingdom – “My daughter found herself in a scary situation involving a mugger with a knife while staying in a hostel in Vietnam earlier this year, but she called the travel security manager afterwards and was given reassurance and advice on everything from cancelling credit cards to dealing with the Vietnamese police. This was really valuable to us as parents being a bit helpless on the other side of the world when it happened!”

Brendon K, United States of America – “As a former security professional, I look for services which can increase my situational awareness and help me avoid bad situations. The team at HowSafeisMyTrip provided an in depth briefing before a long trip through Europe. It gave me peace of mind knowing I had someone I could reach back to if/when things went bad.”

Elaine L, United Kingdom – “When my daughter decided to go traveling around Asia for 4 months with her friend, I was terrified. The advice provided by the team put our minds at ease. It was a real comfort knowing that the girls had a number they could call if they got into trouble. A great service!”

Jim N,¬†United Kingdom – “My partner and I used this service for our trip to Morocco and found it extremely useful. The reports are accurate and very precise, and the security manager is extremely responsive, even at unsociable hours. Would definitely recommend.”