HowSafeIsMyTrip is an excellent solution for schools, colleges and universities looking to cost-effectively and comprehensively manage their travel security risks and duty of care liabilities while demonstrating their organisational commitment to staff and student safety. 

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Our tailor-made approach to travel security means that you can choose the level of support that best suits your organisation. After discussing your itinerary and travel risk profile, your travel security manager will support your trip organisers with the following:

 Jargon-free risk reports covering all of your destinations, and pre-trip consultation calls with your trip leadership

South Africa intelligence report

Real-time threat monitoring on your behalf while you travel, and on-call access to experenced security management

Egypt intel 1

Regular intelligence updates during the tripIntelligence reports for Morocco and Thailand

Gap Year, Sabbatical and Volunteering trip safety

We also offer Gap Year and School Trip security support for parents, teachers, and school management, including volunteer and tour organisation vetting, intelligence support, regular safety checks, and pre-trip security awareness briefings to help you enjoy peace of mind aroung the big adventure.

Additional security requirements

Most academic trips will be well protected with our security support and guidance, and we will never suggest additional support unless it is strictly necessary. If, however, additional requirements emerge as a result of your consultation, or if you would simply feel more comfortable with additional protection, your security manager will be on hand to make arrangements on your behalf through our trusted and vetted partner organisations. Our clients have the ability to leverage their security manager’s expertise and industry network to ensure that they are provided with the best additional services, such as security-trained drivers, secure accommodation, and meet-and-greet services at the most competitive rates.

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