HowSafeIsMyTrip is the perfect solution for businesses looking to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their travel security risks and duty of care liabilities, without carrying the high costs of employing an in-house security team. Our team of experienced corporate security professionals will manage your travel security needs, from destination risk assessments and crisis planning through to pre-trip briefings and security check-in calls, and can assist with any required security arrangements, allowing you to focus on your work.

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Keeping your staff safe on overseas travel is critical, and failing to do so can bring risks which can cripple unprepared businesses. Without appropriate security measures, companies, line managers and HR teams can find themselves vulnerable to risks to retention issues, and even litigation in cases where staff are not provided with the correct level of support.

Our bespoke approach to security means that you can choose the level of support that suits your business, without disrupting your work. Our expertise allows you to minimize the risks of sending employees overseas without creating unnecessary barriers to operations, in a cost-effective manner. After discussing your risk profile, your travel security manager will support your organisation with the following:

 Jargon-free risk reports covering your destinations, and pre-trip consultation/briefing calls for additional guidance for your travellers

Report example

Real-time threat monitoring while your staff are deployed

Egypt intel 1

Regular intelligence updates while your staff are in-country

Intelligence reports for Morocco and Thailand

Security guidance and safety support

Your travel security manager is available to answer any security questions that may emerge during the trip, and can provide a regular security check in service to confirm the safety of your staff.

Additional security requirements

Most business travellers will be well protected with our experienced security management and guidance, and we will never suggest additional support measures unless they are strictly necessary. If, however, additional requirements emerge, or if you would prefer additional protection for your travellers, your security manager will be on hand to assist with arrangements through our trusted and vetted partner organisations. Our clients have the ability to leverage their security manager’s expertise and industry network to ensure that they are provided with the best additional services, such as security-trained drivers, secure accommodation, and meet-and-greet services at the most competitive rates.

For a highly-competitive business travel support quotation please email our team.


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